Strawberry plantation "Fionova" in the Tosno region

Strawberry plantation

Strawberry plantation "Fionova" offers a wide range of strawberry (garden strawberry) seedlings, raspberry and currant seedlings
We have been dealing with strawberries (garden strawberries) for almost 20 years. The nursery has 25 hectares of land, most of which is occupied by strawberries, raspberries, currants and vegetables, and part of which is regularly sown with green manure crops

We offer only varieties that have been proven over the years (and some, already for decades). All these varieties feel great in our harsh climate, and, subject to proper agricultural practices, invariably give excellent yields.
The most popular among these varieties: Yonsok, Polka, Eliani, Elka, Festivalnaya, Venta, Florenc

All offered planting material of our own production

In the summer, we offer the freshest berries (straight from the garden):
- Strawberry
- raspberries
- red and black currants

In addition, in the summer we always sell a variety of greens, vegetables, quail eggs

It is best to call before leaving and by your arrival we will have completely "completed the order"

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